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8th Framework Programme - Adjustment

Research & Innovation – Shaping our Future

Vision and recommendations for the future based on the results of the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 will be presented on 3rd July 2017 in Brussels (Belgium).

More information ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

KU Leuven to lead development of dual vaccine against yellow fever and rabies

Yellow fever and rabies kill about 10 thousands people each year. At Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) scientists are developing a dual vaccine against both diseases at once. This vaccine should be more stable, cheaper and easier to produce than the last one and its development is supported by a €4.1 million grant from the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

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Updated annotated model grant agreement for Horizon 2020

An updated version of the annotated model grant agreement for projects financed within the Horizon 2020 framework programme has just been published. You can find the full text of this document ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

9th European Congress on 'Tropical Medicine and International Health - Driving the Best Science to Meet Global Health Challenges'

The 9th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health is held on September 6-10, 2015 in Basel, Switzerland. The congress will provide a forum for scientists, politicians, NGOs, and public and private health experts to exchange new ideas and to discuss solutions to the global health challenges of today and tomorrow. More information ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

OrBiTo Open Science Day – ‘Beyond the BCS based biowaivers’

The OrBiTo (ExternĂ­ odkaz Oral biopharmaceutics tools) project plans an Open Science Day with a regulatory focus entitled ‘Beyond the BCS based biowaivers’. The event takes place Wednesday 1st July, 09.00-18.30 in Chilly Mazarin, France, during the three day 2015 OrBiTo annual meeting. Participants will come from EFPIA partners, universities and SMEs as well as scientists from outside of OrBiTo and regulatory agencies. The project aims to enhance our understanding of how orally-administered drugs are taken up from the gastrointestinal tract into the body, and apply this knowledge to create new laboratory tests and computer models that will better predict the performance of these drugs in patients.

Webinar on clinical trials for Horizon 2020 projects

Fit for Health is organising a webinar on "Clinical trials for Horizon 2020 Projects" on 18 March 2015 at 10:00 am (Brussels time). This webinar is targeted in particular to SMEs and research institutes interested in submitting proposals that include clinical trials and who precisely want to follow the directions of Horizon 2020 on this critical issue. This online session is free of charge. More information ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Training courses Europa Media to HORIZON 2020

Europa Media Company, with years of experience in the training programs of the EU, organizes a series of two-day training courses on „EU Research and Innovation, Project Management and Financial Reporting“ overlooking the Horizon 2020. The first course will be held 26–27 September in Madrid, the second 24–25 October in Brussels and the third 12–13 December in Vienna. More information are available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Seminair on Horizon 2020

On 21 May 2013 held a seminair on the strategy of involvement and the promotion of national interests in the EU Horizon 2020 in the field of health. More information from the event ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda platform NESSI

ICT European Technology Platform NESSI announced a strategic research and innovation agenda, which includes recommendations for meeting the ambitious objectives of Horizon 2020 in the field of ICT. More information can be found ExternĂ­ odkaz here, complete document is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Seminar to prepare for Horizon 2020

The company Finance Helpdesk will organize on 23 May 2013 in London a seminar to prepare for the new framework program Horizon 2020. The seminar is intended for project managers and financial and administrative staff. More information can be found ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

eHealth Action Plan 2012–2020

The European Commission issued in December 2012 an eHealth Action Plan for 2012–2020 – innovative health care for the 21st century, which focuses on the obstacles of the full use of digital opportunities in European healthcare systems. The plan will be integrated into the social challenges of Horizon 2020 „Health, demographic change and well-being“. It targets to reduce health care costs. More information can be found ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Consultation on three JTIs (FCH, IMI and Clean Sky)

The European Commission announced on July 11t, 2012 a puhblic consultation on the three Joint Technology Initiatives: Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) and the Clean Sky. It is the preparation of these JTIs for future Framework Programme H2020. On-line questionnaire can be completed by October 4, 2012 – for FCH ExternĂ­ odkaz here, ExternĂ­ odkaz here for IMI and for Clean Sky ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

A survey of security research at Horizon 2020

European Commission launched a survey dedicated to security research in order to find out the views of interested parties on the calls and needs they perceive in connection with the „Secure Societies“ throughout the Horizon 2020. The questionnaire is available until September 16, 2012 ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Swiss point of view on the proposal of Horizon 2020

Document with the official opinion of the Swiss proposal for the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Competitiveness Council (Research) 21th February 2012

In connection with the proposed new Framework Programme Horizon 2020 ministers discussed on cross-cutting issues (international cooperation, the role of SSH, etc.) and on the participation of SMEs, which came out of the Presidency background paper (ExternĂ­ odkaz 6281/12). They also presented their views on the report of EC on GMES (ExternĂ­ odkaz 17072/11), noted the presentation of EC on the revision of the EIT (ExternĂ­ odkaz 18090/11), the results of public consultation on the ERA (ExternĂ­ odkaz 6537/12) and the current situation of ITER (ExternĂ­ odkaz 6599/12).During the informal dinner, an exchange of views on the report of EC on bio-economy was held (ExternĂ­ odkaz 6487/12). Press release is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here (research from page 16).

The Austrian position to discuss Horizon 2020

Austrians published a draft position paper in which are the most important points that should be discussed about a new framework programme Horizon 2020. The document (in German only) is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Other versions of the Horizon 2020

Draft of the new Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and other related documents are already available in all official EU languages. All language versions can be found ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Thematic workshops for the preparation of future Framework Programme

The European Commission organizes thematic workshops focused on the preparation and topics of future Framework Programme Horizon 2020. Materials from the seminar about health and demographic changes are available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Czech position on FP8

Document with position of Czech Republic to adjustment 8th Framework Programme is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Eurodoc to FP8

An opinion of the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, ExternĂ­ odkaz Eurodoc (from April 22, 2011) is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here and press release ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Intel – position to FP8

Position of Intel Corporation to the adjustment of FP8 is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Denmark to FP8

Danish document of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation with a position to FP8 is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Document of HRK to FP8

German Rectors’ conference (HRK) published her position to the structure of FP8. You can find the document ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Position of EIROforum to FP8

A collaboration between eight European intergovernmental scientific research organisations (ExternĂ­ odkaz EIROforum) prepared their position to the FP8. The document is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

Finland’s preliminary views on the 8th Framework Programme

This document was prepared by Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. It results from national counsels with key persons including scientists. The document is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

EU enlargement countries to 8th Framework Programme

The EU enlargement countries associated to FP7 (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Former Yugoslavian Republic Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) prepared common position to the future FP8. The document is available ExternĂ­ odkaz here.