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Science, research and innovation in Europe

There is a strong support to science and research in the whole Europe. States within the European Union realize the importance of this field and the real need to support it. For health care, this fact is approved by the European Commission (Medical devices: Commission consults public to improve public health and safety, Reference: IP/05/580 Date: 20/05/2005 source: http://europa.eu.int, day 23.5.2005).


MICEP was established on 1.1.2005 thanks to the support of the Charles University and its First Faculty of Medicine. Financial support for the beginning is poured into by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and the First Faculty of Medicine.

MICEP started its activity in May 2005 and opened its office in the Faust House at the Charles Square in Prague.


MICEP was founded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and the Charles University as a branch for health care.

MICEP, as a part of NINET (Czech National Information Network), puts together the area of research, priorities and activities of framework programs.

The expected result will be that a medical and other research centres will obtain better knowledge about their possibilities to participate in European projects.

Due to information provided by MICEP to potential participants from the Czech Republic and other EU countries and due to MICEPs´ other activities, total participation of the Czech Republic in Framework Programmes will improve.